Sono Bello offers laser liposuction body contouring using LipoLite™ & SmartLipo™ technologies. Both of these FDA approved technologies allow you to get the results you want without the risks, bleeding and bruising commonly associated with traditional liposuction.

The smartlipo laser is so tiny that it can also reshape small areas that couldn’t be treated in the past, such as the upper arms and under the chin. Both of these cellulite reduction and fat removal techniques stimulate collagen formation which helps the skin tighten up after the fat has been permanently removed allowing for impeccable results.

At Sono Bello we customize our procedures to fit the individual needs of every patient. Our board certified plastic surgeons perform body contouring surgeries combining only the best of many laser liposuction techniques that have been perfected by our expert surgeons.

The testimonials our patients leave highlight the life changing nature of the laser liposuction procedures in which we perform. Let Sono Bello help you achieve the body reshaping results you have always wanted with our body contouring technologies today.