Laser Liposuction Costs

Laser Liposuction costs are more affordable than ever. Here are several factors to take into consideration that can determine the costs involved.

Expertise The first (and perhaps most important) factor to consider is the skill and experience level of a surgeon or surgery center. Laser liposuction should be conducted utilizing FDA-approved technology by experienced surgeons with solid track records. Reviewing before and after pictures, and reading patient testimonials is also a great way to understand the skill and experience of a surgeon or surgery center.

Treatment Area The greatest determinant of cost in laser liposuction is the treatment area and what is needed to accomplish the desired outcome. Costs are also determined by your body mass index (BMI). The higher one’s BMI the greater the work involved. When identifying your budget it’s important to keep in mind that laser liposuction rarely has to be performed more than once on any given area. Keeping costs down should never interfere with selecting the right surgeon or surgery center to perform a lasting procedure.

What’s included? We offer a complimentary consultation to help you determine whether laser liposuction is for you and if so, how much it will cost based on your needs. The complimentary consultation will ensure you don’t make an investment in any procedure for which you’re not a candidate.

Keeping the cost down You can decrease costs by having multiple areas treated at once, thereby eliminating the need multiple visits. To get an accurate understanding of the costs involved and what areas can be treated in combination, utilize the complimentary consultation to find out what is needed to accomplish your desired result.

Financing Plans Sono Bello offers multiple third party financing options to help you spread your payments out over time. You may make an initial down payment and then pay a monthly amount to help cover the cost of your surgery.

The bottom line Ultimately the cost for laser liposuction will depend on your individual needs, procedure areas, and BMI. Just remember – whatever the cost, the final product should be considered priceless if it helps you look and feel your best!