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Sono Bello- Reinventing the Liposuction Wheel

By Michael Gellis MD, CMO

BELLEVUE, Wash., – The market for liposuction in the United States was decreasing in 2008 due to the onset of the Recession. Yet, Sono Bello, a liposuction clinic performing surgery under awake local anesthesia…

Cigarette Smoking and How it Affects Liposuction

By Michael Gellis MD, CMO

BELLEVUE, Wash., – Unless you have recently landed from Mars or are under two years of age, you should have an opinion of cigarette smoking or even the effects of cigarettes on surgery. Regardless of…

I Am Not a Medical Provider; I am a Doctor

By Kyle Sanniec, MA, MHA; and Michael Gellis, MD

BELLEVUE, Wash., – The senior author (M.G.) became insulted years back when insurance companies started referring to him as a “medical provider.” Indeed, our medical license does not read “Medical Provider,”…

Dr. Michael Gellis, Sono Bello Chief Medical Officer applauds his Surgeons

BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 13 – Sono Bello, one of America’s fastest-growing body contouring specialists, has released new findings from an internal study of over 4500 patient surveys for the year ending 2011.  This data indicates an overall surgeon satisfaction…

Sono Bello appoints Michael Gellis, MD as Chief Medical Officer

Seattle, Feb. 1, 2012 – Sono Bello, a growing multi-state medical practice, has appointed Michael Gellis, MD as Chief Medical Officer.  In this role, Dr. Gellis will provide clinical leadership to the company, which exclusively performs laser-assisted liposuction in office-based…

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