Why choose Sono Bello?

At Sono Bello, we believe that body contouring is as much an art as it is a science. Additionally, we hold to the fact that every body is completely unique. Therefore, while one’s body transformation goals may be somewhat typical at times, how to attain them is certainly not. At Sono Bello, body contouring is all we do. Our team of highly skilled and trained physicians specialize only in body contouring, and provide the experience, education and focused attention to achieve amazing results. With over 60,000 body transformation procedures performed to date at 27 nationwide Sono Bello locations, our team of over 60 specialized physicians use minimally invasive micro laser-assisted body contouring equipment as well as numerous non-invasive sculpting techniques. We believe this specialization sets us in a category all to our own, providing unparalleled results for the body of your dreams.

Why Sono Bello?

Advanced Micro-Laser Fat Removal Technology

  • Instantly removes targeted fat, even that fat that can be resistant to diet and exercise Areas include: Abdomen, love handles, hips, thighs, neck and chest

Equipment & Techniques

  • Unique TriSculpt ™ 3 Step Body Transformation Process Comfort, Remove, Refine™
  • Highly advanced power-laser assisted medical equipment For optimal fat removal
  • Modern ‘micro’ laser lipo For minimally invasive procedures

Single Procedure

  • TriSculpt™ process performed in most cases in one single outpatient office procedure*

Experience, Specialization, & National Locations

  • Over 60,000 procedures performed to date
  • Over 60 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Specializing ONLY in body contouring
  • 27 nationwide locations


  • Monthly payment plans available to meet most any budget**

Sono Bello physicians have years of specialized experience and studied at many of the country’s top tier educational institutions, including:*

* The above university references do not constitute any specific university endorsement or affiliation with Sono Bello

We also offer an amazing procedure ( approved by the FDA to reduce cellulite) that is done entirely on top of the skin. It dramatically shrinks fat cells and makes a remarkable improvement in the appearance of cellulite. It’s safe, fast; effective and you can resume your regular activities right away.

Learn more about our procedures and the areas we treat to see if laser assisted body contouring is right for you.

Eliminate Targeted Fat Immediately with TriSculpt

Pricing starts at $1,295 per area*

We understand that price is a factor for just about everyone when choosing whether to do a cosmetic procedure. And yet – safety, results and quality of care are of vital importance and components that you can’t afford to sacrifice.

At Sono Bello, sacrificing amazing results for price is no longer a dilemma!


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*Number of procedures may vary **O.A.C. through our preferred finance partners