It’s your life! Here are just a few comments from clients who decided to
“live it beautifully” and get the body they’ve always wanted!


I would just like to say that I would recommend Sono Bello for laser lipo to everyone. I had the most positive and successful experience with them. I had laser lipo on my arms and upper back area and I am so pleased with the results


Dr. Dass is a fabulous surgeon and did an excellent job with the procedure. I felt absolutely nothing during the procedure and had no down time what-so-ever. Also, the healing process was immediate and very little pain involved.


The staff is professional, competent, friendly and kind. They make you feel so secure and safe. If I decide to have any more cosmetic surgery, this is the place I will have it done.


Beverly Hills, CA



I had my chest procedure about 10 days ago and I’m very happy with the results so far. No matter how much I worked out or dieted my chest never looked good and I was always embarassed to take my shirt off. My wife really loves it too and the results should only get better with time. I wouldn’t say the procedure was fun but it wasn’t painful. The post-procedure soreness and bruising wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The staff was great. Money well spent!


Boston, MA



As a 65 year old things have definitely started to sag. When I first heard of Sono Bello and the Venus Freeze process I wasn’t too sure it would work. However; after my first few sessions with Elizabeth I saw results I could not have obtained on my own. The entire staff at Sono Bello are very professional and courteous. I am pleased with my results and I have continued by purchasing additional packages. I would highly recommend this procedure and Sono Bello and their staff to anyone interested in firming up what you already have!!! Thanks.


Atlanta, GA



I LOVE SONO BELLO!! I’m a 26 year old women, and I was looking to feel better in my skin. I was looking to feel better all around and stop those negative thoughts I’ve had about my body. I did my research on Sono Bello and felt comfortable enough to go in for a consultation. I fell in love with the doctors and staff!! They were open and honest with me. I was able to ask any and all questions, at anytime of the day which was great. The after procedures are easy enough to follow. After my procedure, a nurse called to check on me, and who wouldn’t love that! Everyone is friendly with you and their to help you in any way. Now, six months later, I feel great! I feel like a million bucks and no one can take that feeling away. I thank Sono Bello for giving me such a positive outlook on my body but they also helped internally with how I look at myself. I’m sooooo glad I did my procedure and would recommend Sono Bello KOP to anyone. I can’t believe I waited so long!!


Love you Sono Bello!!


Wayne, PA



I’m in my 40’s I had been looking at body contouring surgery for several months. I work out 3-4 times a week but still wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I finally decided to take the plunge. My consultation with Melody was excellent; she was informative, knowledgeable and very helpful in the overall decision process. My husband and I signed me up before we left her office. I had my first procedure over 4 weeks ago with Dr. Sobel. Dr. Sobel made me feel at ease and is very approachable. He is a fantastic artist! I am in love with the outcome (abdomen, hips and neck)! I went back for a second procedure not even a week ago (front/back bra roll and waist). I couldn’t be more pleased with my overall results at this point. I have already lost 13 pounds. I look forward to watching my body transform even more than it already has. This has given me that extra incentive to keep up the healthy eating and exercise. I would recommend Sono Bello Tacoma to anyone considering body contouring!


Tacoma, WA



I have always hated my midsection (since I was a child) and didn’t love the pooch after I had two children. I was so excited to find Sono Bello! Being in the medical profession, I looked for a highly-qualified and convenient procedure. Everyone was so nice and professional, the doctor was thorough and answered all questions, and I am thrilled with the results. Plus, I didn’t have to take off any work! Thank you all, you’ve changed my life!


Overland Park, KS


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