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I have been getting venus freeze for about 6 weeks now. I have loved the resulats! The staff are so AWESOME at Sono Bello! They’re so pleasant, I’ve never experienced an medical office so friendly. They remembered my name the second time I came in and treated so warmly. I’d totally recommend them to anyone.


Atlanta, GA



I dont normally write reviews, but I had such great results with the Venus Freeze at Sono Bello that I just had to share! Im a very small person so by looking at me with my clothes on, no one would ever think that Venus Freeze was something that I needed. But, cellulite is something that runs in my family and as most of you know, often has nothing to do with your weight either. If you have it, you have it and until now, I thought it was just going to have to be something I suffered with.

Venus Freeze worked wonders!! I cant believe the results I got! All of the staff at Sono Bello were wonderful. They were so friendly and always made me feel so comfortable, especially in those moments that were not that comfortable…

My advice to you, if you are struggling with cellulite or any area of your body that make you personally unhappy, sono bello is your answer! If your skeptical, take the leap, you will not be disappointed!


Austin, TX



My experience and results were amazing. Dr. Seimian and his staff are very personable. It’s evident that they truly aim to please, and want the best outcome for the patient. I felt at ease with Dr. Seimian, for he is knowledgeable, talented and thorough. He exhibits excellent bedside manner, and listens to your wants/needs. I have also had a few Velashape & Venus Freeze treatments performed by Lyris, whom I can’t say enough about. She is always so pleasant, patient, detailed and meticulous. I highly recommend Sono Bello.


Orlando, FL



I let myself go for several years and finally got up the courage to do something about it! I’ve had 2 treatments with Sono Bello so far, one for my upper and lower abdomen and two weeks later for my back (bra roll area, and the big spare tire area). I’ve lost around 14 lbs and the improvements are already showing! I’m so excited and so pleased with the staff at Sono Bello, Dr. Flagg even played Bob Marley music for me! Dr. Flagg was so awesome, caring and attentive and so were Michelle and Angie, the 2 nurses who were with me during my procedures. And Chandra in the office was so helpful and encouraging, too. No one talked down to me because I was overweight and I felt totally comfortable there. Can’t wait for my 3 month check up! After once I’m all healed from these procedures, I’m going to get my upper arms and thighs done! I want to feel good about myself (and maybe impress my husband of 28 years a little bit!)! Thank you so much Sono Bello!


Edina, MN



So far my experience with SonoBello has been life changing. I have wanted to get some form of body contouring treatment for over 5 years so my decision to choose SonoBello was not taken lightly. I went in for my initial consultation after spending hours doing research on the internet making sure this was going to be the best fit for what I want to accomplish. I looked at everything from freezing, dissolving to traditional liposuction.


In the end the biggest deciding factors were: 1. Staff, 2. Facility, 3. Recovery time. The staff at the Overland Park, KS office are so friendly and professional I can honestly say they made me feel special every time I have been in the office. Rachel and Dee made me feel like family which reassured me that SonoBello would be the right fit for me.

The facility is bright, exceptionally clean and modern, during the course of my tri-sculpt surgery Stephanie made sure I was comfortable at all times and even played music to help the time fly by.


My post-surgery experience has been outstanding never before have I ever received the level of personal care that I have from SonoBello. Rachel and Amber have called many times just to check on my recovery and to see if there was anything I needed. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


I am currently three week out from surgery and very pleased with my results thus far, with expectations that the final result will be what I have always wanted. As I stated before this has been life changing, the best gift I could have ever given to myself. SonoBello in my opinion are the best in the business and highly recommended.


Overland Park, KS



I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences at Sono Bello. The staff has been really wonderful and supportive, and my experience with all of the staff members has been extremely positive. Dr Partington helped ease all my concerns about my lipo procedures and did a fabulous job. The amount of information I received prior to my procedure was also extremely valuable in answering my many questions and helping me to adequately prepare for what I would need over the following weeks/months. Additionally, my experiences with the Velashape have been terrific – both the technicians are very knowledgeable, and they work hard to make sure I have a comfortable, worthwhile experience. They are awesome! The front desk staff has been very helpful scheduling appointments and ensuring I get reminders prior to each appointment. I want to thank the entire staff at the office in Bellevue, they have been supportive, informative and beyond helpful. Thanks again, I am thrilled with the results and how my body is continuing to transform since my procedure!!


Bellevue, WA


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