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Kimberlie P.Age: 51

Sono Bello Salt Lake City, UT Patient

Jared H.Age: 33

Sono Bello Tacoma, WA Patient

Sandra B. Age: 45

Sono Bello Portland, OR Patient

Ruth A. Age: 54

Sono Bello Sacramento, CA Patient

Angela C. Age: 40

Sono Bello Kansas City, KS Patient

Caron W. Age: 65

Sono Bello San Antonio, TX Patient

Dawn G.Age: 42

Sono Bello Salt Lake City, UT Patient

Kaiesha D.Age: 37

Sono Bello Boston, MA Patient

Jerry P. Age: 44

Sono Bello San Antonio, TX Patient

Dana H. Age: 40

Sono Bello Austin, TX Patient

Gina B.Age: 49

Sono Bello Seattle, WA Patient

Kevin H. Age: 47

Sono Bello Phoenix, AZ Patient

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Eliminate Targeted Fat Immediately with TriSculpt

Pricing starts at $1,295 per area*

We understand that price is a factor for just about everyone when choosing whether to do a cosmetic procedure. And yet – safety, results and quality of care are of vital importance and components that you can’t afford to sacrifice.

At Sono Bello, sacrificing amazing results for price is no longer a dilemma!


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