Debbie, 49

I have battled with my weight my entire life. Diets, exercise, I tried everything, but I could never get the weight off.” Then one day, Debbie’s life changed. She heard a Sono Bello radio commercial, called us for a complimentary consultation and came in that same day. “They treated me like royalty, it was really, really fun. I called my husband immediately, I told him how I was treated, walked back into the office and made an appointment for my procedure.”At last, Debbie was enjoying the results she wanted. “My new Sono Bello body is incredible. I wish I had done this thirty years ago because I’ve spent the last thirty years not feeling good about myself. It really makes a difference.”The next time you’re by the ocean, keep your eyes open for Debbie. “I can walk besides my daughters now on the beach with a bikini on and feel as confident about myself as they do.”