Kellie’s Story



I’m 42 years old and a mother of two boys. My Husband was in the military so we traveled a lot and I felt my responsibility was to take care of my kids and be there for my husband. So I kind of came last.

I’ve always struggled with my body. I felt like I had extra skin around my mid-section and it made me very self-conscious about myself. I had joined multiple gyms and even hired personal trainers to help with my mid-section. But nothing was working, so I kind of gave up on myself.

And that’s when I found Sono Bello. I couldn’t be happier. In just one day, they were able to remove the fat that I had been struggling to lose for over 22 years!

I love the new me. I love waking up every morning and opening my closet with all my beautiful clothes, putting on something that is form fitting and out the door.

“When my husband saw me, his jaw dropped.”

He said that I was gorgeous before my procedure but now I am more confident about myself. It’s an amazing feeling when somebody is telling you that you look beautiful and sexy. And now you really believe him. It has definitely boosted my sex life.  And now I feel good about myself, I had the confidence to put a two-piece on for the first time and felt great in it.  You can see it in my face, how happy I am.  It’s a whole new me and I love my body!