Teresa’s Story



When I was an adolescent, I had no weight issues.  I was very thin, I never imagined that I could pick weight up at all.  As I got older and had my children, I started to gain some weight. You know, getting a little more relaxed with life, eating wrong, very unhealthy, fast foods, because that’s what my children wanted. Well, it just seemed like it then came over night.  And before I knew it, a size 5-6 was a size 11-12.

I have daughters that needed to look up to me and I didn’t want them to see their mom just let go and not care about herself because I didn’t raise them like that.  So that’s when I gave Sono Bello a shot..

They made me feel very welcome. The receptionist treated me like she had known me even before I walked in the door. The procedure was wonderful.  I didn’t feel anything –  my doctor and my nurse, I could hear them talking to me, I wasn’t in pain.  And everything just went well.  I felt like I could skip home when I was finished.  I felt great.

“Sono Bello was able to remove that fat after ten years of me trying so many different things.”

And as the months went by, it got even better.  I put those jeans and  a tight fitting t-shirt on, and I just felt so, so sexy.

My self confidence has hit the roof. The old Theresa didn’t have the swag, because I was self-conscious about my mid section.  The new Theresa, she just walks into a room and she knows that somebody is looking at her.

When I look into a mirror now, compared to what I used to be I see a slimmer and sexier person and I’m very happy.