Sono Bello’s TriSculpt™ process allows us to customize your micro laser liposuction procedure so that you achieve your specific and unique body contouring goals.

3 Steps for one great body

There are three facets to the TriSculpt™ process, including wide-awake localized anesthesia, power-assisted liposuction and laser liposuction. With Sono Bello’s TriSculpt™ process, you’ll enjoy the benefits of modern technology and the expertise of our highly specialized physicians, whose years of experience provide the skills you need for the body you deserve.

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How TriSculptTM Works


Localized Awake Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is administered to the areas of treatment. Patients remain awake, allowing you to communicate with the physician throughout the procedure. This also makes it easier for the physician to position you in the best way possible to optimally treat each area. If you are concerned about being awake during the procedure, physicians can provide medications to assist in relaxation and comfort.


Power-Assisted Liposuction

Our physicians use power-assisted technologies with micro cannulas and gentle suction to effectively remove the majority of unwanted fat, especially in larger body areas.


Micro Laser-Assisted Liposuction

Special laser-assisted equipment is used to further refine the sculpting process. A small micro cannula with a low-powered laser fiber gently warms the fat cells. The micro-laser is so tiny that it can contour small areas that were more difficult to treat in the past, such as upper arms and under the chin. This technique smoothes out the work performed with the power-assisted micro cannulas and stimulates collagen formation, which can help the skin tighten, producing a smooth final appearance to the treated areas.

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TriSculptTM FAQs

Will I be awake or under general anesthesia?

You will be awake because our techniques only require localized numbing of the treated areas, NOT general anesthesia. This translates into faster recovery and less downtime. If you are concerned that you will be nervous, just talk to your doctor. We can provide you with medicine to relax and calm you during surgery to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

How long before I can go back to work after TriSculpt™?

How quickly our patients return to work depends on many factors including which areas were treated, body mass index, age and their personal discomfort tolerance. Many patients should be able to return to normal desk-type work within a few days and although soreness and tenderness will limit the speed with which a patient can move about, patients should be reasonably comfortable while sitting at a desk or working at a computer. Remember though that everybody is unique and accordingly your experience may vary.

Who is a good candidate for TriSculpt™ Body Contouring?

TriSculpt™ is an excellent technique for removal of fat from difficult areas of the body that don’t respond to diet and exercise. If you’re in good health, have an active lifestyle and areas of fat you’d like to have permanently removed, talk with us about what we can do for you at Sono Bello.

Does TriSculpt™ Body Contouring produce permanent results?

Yes! The TriSculpt™ process immediately and permanently removes fat. Adults do not create new fat cells. When a person gains weight, fat cells expand. Should you gain weight in the future, fat will tend to accumulate in areas where the procedure was not performed (where there are more remaining fat cells).

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