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A Transformation of the Body and Mind: Charlene’s Sono Bello Story

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Just months before her 44th birthday, Charlene knew that somehow, someway, she needed to change her life.

She wasn’t consistent with health or fitness, because she didn’t feel motivated. It was just too hard to make or see progress. Building momentum felt impossible, but she still wasn’t happy with her body. There had to be another way.

Just when Charlene felt like she’d tried everything, she found Sono Bello ⁠— and it gave her the breakthrough she’d so desperately wanted.

“I received liposuction in my stomach and upper back,” says Charlene, “and I also had the mini tummy tuck. What an amazing experience I’ve had!”

Not only did Sono Bello help Charlene achieve the results she’d dreamt of, but it also inspired her to transform her lifestyle and make fitness a mainstay in her routine.

“Since Sono Bello, I’ve been able to incorporate a new lifestyle, a new perspective on my life, and the ability to continue to move full steam ahead,” Charlene gushes. “This is the new me!”

Charlene has changed her eating habits and taken on new fitness endeavors, like running a 5k and fighting in boxing matches, since having her Sono Bello procedures.

On top of that, Charlene’s able to fit into old clothes she never thought she’d wear again. Bikinis, dresses, short-shorts… the sky’s the limit for her, now!

Charlene feels more comfortable in public and actually enjoys having her picture taken ⁠— which wasn’t the case before.

“Sono Bello has given me that confidence, that ability to see results and look in the mirror and feel good,” Charlene says.

She also appreciates the positive attention she continues to receive. “People have asked me: ‘What are you doing?! You look amazing!’,” she says.

Above all, Charlene thanks Sono Bello for giving her the push and the support she needed to transform her life into what she’s always wanted it to be. She’s single, a new grandma, and a mother of four grown children, and she’s ready to take on the world in her new body.

“I’d tell anybody out there that if you’re willing to do your part and you want to see results, then Sono Bello could be the solution you’ve been looking for ⁠— because it certainly was for me.”

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