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Best Rockstar Spa Treatments for the Working Ladies

Every woman deserves some time at the spa. Don’t think you have the time or money for a relaxing afternoon of pampering? Think again! There are some wonderfully relaxing and refreshing things you can do on your own to give yourself a day of luxury just like you deserve, without an outrageous price tag.

There are three important elements to the perfect at-home spa day: a hot bath, a skin massage and a facial. A hot bath sounds simple enough, but don’t just bathe or shower like usual; take your time. Pour in some bubbles, add your favorite fragrance of bath oil, and put on whatever music makes you happy. After shampooing your hair, apply a rich conditioner, pin your hair up and let it soak in until you are ready to leave the bathtub.

Step two: warm skin massage. While in the tub, leave your body lotion on a warm radiator to heat up a little, or simply immerse it in the bath with you. Once you are dry, apply the warm, liquid lotion to your entire body and massage it in slowly with your fingers. The heat of the lotion soothes aching muscles and joints as it moisturizes your skin; this method of application will also last longer than if it were applied cold onto cool skin.

For your facial, prepare your own rosewater. All you need is one large rose blossom: cover the petals with two cups of boiling water and cover them to steep, as with tea. When the water is cool, squeeze the remaining juice out of the petals and strain the water – this is a great classic toner! Apply a thin layer of the water to your entire face. The scent is luxurious and relaxing, while the water is wonderful for smoothing and rejuvenating your delicate facial skin. When the toner has dried, gently apply a thin layer of your favorite facial cream.

Once you are clean, moisturized and toned, don a soft fuzzy dressing gown and slippers and *relax*. Let your body enjoy the after-effects of spa treatments as you chill out on the couch with a fruit-and-nut salad and a movie you’ve been dying to see. When you take a little time for yourself, even these simple techniques will have a big impact on your energy levels and peace of mind when the next day of chaos comes.

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