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Christy’s Confidence Journey

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Christy is a 45-year-old lifestyle and parenting influencer whose life is always being filmed and recorded. Once she gave birth to her children (triplets!), she tried everything to get her pre-baby body back, but with three children and a hectic work schedule, she didn’t see the results she wanted.

Each time she was on camera, she would get frustrated trying to find her best angle or dress to hide the excess skin and fat that hung around her midsection. “I felt super insecure every time I put on a bathing suit; the triplets changed my body a lot,” she said.

Christy decided enough was enough. What is the point of always covering up and hiding your insecurities? She decided it was time to find a permanent solution to her excess fat and skin.

“I want to share solutions with my followers, including what you can do to help your post-pregnancy body,” Christy said. “After carrying the triplets, my body changed a lot, and I don’t have much time for myself right now, so this would finally be something for me.”

Visiting Sono Bello

Christy worked with our Detroit, MI, center to come up with a plan and appropriate procedures to tackle all of her insecurities at once. She decided that AbEX’s ability to target both fat and excess skin would allow her to see the results she wanted immediately without the downtime of a traditional tummy tuck. After all, she has three little ones to keep up with.

She chose to target her upper and lower abdomen, waist, hips, and back bra roll to give her entire midsection a smoother, contoured look.

“The center was top-notch,” Christy said. “Everyone there was absolutely amazing, and I just felt pampered.”

Life After AbEX

Christy’s surgery went smoothly, and she was back home and walking around the same day. Within the first three days, she was back to doing simple activities, and in the first two weeks, she was back in the swing of everyday life.

“I saw the results right away,” she said. “It was so shocking, but in a good way. I feel more confident in general.”

Now, Christy is excited to share her journey with the world. After her procedure, she found a (literal and figurative) weight lifted off her. She was fitting into clothing better, moving easier, and felt confident in herself again.

Christy’s post-surgery plans include going to the lake with her kids and living life to the fullest. She’s excited to live in the moment and enjoy the adventures to come without anything standing in her way.

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