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Exercise and Dieting Were Lifestyle Changes for Kathy, Sono Bello Was a Life Changer

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Over the course of 2 years, Kathy G. of Austin, Texas was able to lose 100 pounds following a ketogenic diet and working out whenever she had time. And still, there were areas in and around her lower abdomen where fat refused to budge.

Around this time, Kathy started seeing ads for Sono Bello on TV and was impressed with the dramatic results that the women in the commercials were able to achieve. After two weeks of research and deliberation, Kathy decided that – with her 50th birthday coming up – it was the perfect time to give herself the gift of self-confidence. She booked an appointment with Dr. Okpaku at our Austin office to have her hips, waist, and abs done.

Kathy is now 6 months post-operation and couldn’t be happier with her results. She says that Dr. O was, “fabulous” and her friends and family cried tears of joy when they saw her. The best part is that she is now able to confidently wear her favorite clothes in public without feeling uncomfortable. She also says that she is feeling much healthier and is working out 5 times per week!

We asked Kathy if there were any specific activities that she looked forward to participating in with her newly transformed body. She said, emphatically, “Go ziplining! I didn’t make the weight requirement before, but now I do!”

For anybody struggling to lose weight or shed stubborn fat, Kathy offered the following words of wisdom: “Take that leap of faith. give  Sono Bello a call. You won’t be disappointed.”

Finally, we asked her what advice she would give to her past self. To which she responded simply, “DO IT SOONER!”

Kathy reflected back on her whole experience and told us, “Thank you Sono Bello and Dr. Okpaku for pushing me to the next level. By making this decision, I can now live a longer, healthier life.”

If Kathy’s story resonated with you, contact us today to learn how Sono Bello can change your life for the better. Because when it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.

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