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Five Great Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Your Beauty Routine

Recently, coconut oil has become the hot new oil to use for cooking. In fact, it is being touted by many for its ability to destroy viruses, promote heart health, encourage healthy brain function and support thyroid health. However, for other people, there are many other reasons to try coconut oil—it is a superior beauty treatment.

Yes, the same oil you can use for cooking or to add to your coffee (yes, coconut oil coffee is a thing, and it is delicious) has many important uses in beauty too. Check out these five ways that you can incorporate coconut oil into your beauty routines for a more natural way of taking care of your skin, hair and nails.

  • Make Body Butter – Whip coconut oil for just a couple of minutes using your mixer and you will quickly see that it changes the consistency to a rich, creamy “butter.” This makes a wonderful moisturizer. Add a drop or two of essential oils, if you desire, to make customized creations.
  • Use for Lip Balm – There is no reason to invest in tube after tube of lip balm. In fact, many of the chemicals in store-bought lip balms will actually dry your lips out further. Just rub a bit of coconut oil on your lips and you will be good to go.
  • Body Scrub – Coconut oil makes a great base for a homemade body scrub too. Go for a salt scrub by choosing coarse salt or a sugar scrub with brown sugar. Either way, scrub on your rough areas and rinse well for soft, smooth skin.
  • Leave-in Conditioner – Why spend money on all those leave-in hair conditioners that never work how you want them to anyway? Rub a small amount of coconut oil on your hands and then gently rub them through your hair. You will find that your hair stays smooth and soft throughout the day.
  • Massage Oil – Rid yourself of the day’s stress by creating a massage oil out of coconut oil. Slowly melt the oil in the microwave, taking care not to get it too hot. Add essential oil for a stress-relieving scent boost.


As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to coconut oil. This one product is worth an investment. Give it a chance—in your cooking and your beauty routines, you will be glad you took a chance on coconut!

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