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Five Ways to Burn Off That Latte

A latte consists of shots of espresso and steamed milk. You can add flavorings and sugar to adjust the drink to your taste. For many, a morning latte is one of life’s little luxuries and well worth devoting a few calories for the energy boost.

According to, a grande (16-oz) latte made with 2% milk and no additional sweetener has 190 calories. If you’re looking to integrate some exercise into your daily life, why not start with burning off your morning latte? Here are five different options for losing working off your latte.

  • High Impact Aerobics – This would include taking a high-impact class like Zumba or Jazzercise or perhaps fallowing a video at home. It takes just under 23 minutes of this high impact activity and you can wave goodbye to the calories in your latte.
  • Walking – If you prefer a more relaxing exercise program, walking at a moderate pace (around 3 miles per hour) would take you around 43 minutes to burn off your latte.
  • Swimming – Those who prefer their exercise to take place in the water may want to try swimming away the calories. 19 and a half minutes of freestyle swimming at a moderate pace will burn your latte (but may work up an appetite!)
  • Squash – Want to get your exercise done quickly? Play Squash! Only 13 minutes of this fast-paced game will burn off the 190 calories necessary to break even for your morning beverage.
  • Cleaning House – Sometimes you don’t have time in your day for a regular exercise session. Just cleaning house can burn calories too. Around 44 minutes of general house cleaning is enough effort to “pay back” the calories you spent on your latte.

These exercise options were calculated using the calorie tool, assuming a body weight of 160 pounds.

No matter which method you choose to burn off that morning latte, the most important thing is that you make the choice to get moving. After all, you should have plenty of energy to spare from that caffeine boost.

It may just take a little bit of time to become accustomed to exercise, so don’t push yourself and discuss your exercise plans with your doctor. Who knows, with a little effort, soon you may find that you are able to work off not only your latte, but your entire breakfast!

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