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How A Simple Change Will Do You Good

To a girl hair is everything. More often than not it helps define our moods, where we are going out, whom we are hanging out with, and how we feel about ourselves that evening. When we are tired, our hair is up in a messy bun. When we are excited for a new date, our hair is washed and blown out to perfection. When we are getting ready for work, our hair sleek and perfectly proper.

As we grow up, we put our hair through a million changes, trails, and routines. Some changes are because we are young, stupid, rebellious, and looking to find our defining look. Those of us with curly hair find love affairs with flat irons. Those of us with straight hair become obsessed with the curling wand. Natural born red heads go brunette to emphasis their green eyes, brunettes bleach their hair to see if blondes really have more fun, and the blondes become more seductive with a beautiful dark dyes.

Once the teenage years pass and we enter a more stable adult world, we crave hair changes for specific reason. For most girls there is often no better feeling of control and empowerment than a drastic hair change. Whether we are going through a break-up or starting an exciting new adventure, changing our hair helps move us forward.

A drastic haircut can help us let go of the past. I don’t know a single girl who has not chopped off some serious inches after a breakup (it’s why everyone related to ‘Felicity’). A drastic hair color often means we’re ready for a change, ready to speak our minds, ready to be a different person. A serious haircut or color change can alter a mood and personality. Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of going drastically blonde and appearing even more confident in style and attitude than before (granted having Kanye on her arm helps too).

Personally, I’ve gone through many changes. I’ve had short hair (and I mean practically pixie cut), long hair (way too many split ends), curly hair (thank you perm), orange hair (aka highlights gone wrong), black hair (highlights error fixer upper), and more recently radical blonde ombre locks.

My inspirations came from breakups, the need to change my attitude and sometimes boredom. This past year, I was inspired by the beauty guru Emily of Into The Gloss, who went bleach blonde. I needed something to stir up a little assertiveness and happiness. I had not changed my routine in at least a year if not longer (there may have also been a breakup/heartbreak motivation in there).

As I showed up to the salon, I showed my stylist my favorite celebrity examples for color…

1. Khloe Kardashian (love her radical ombre blonde)
2. Kim Kardashian (love her full blonde locks)
3. Drew Barrymore (amazing gentle contrast between her colors)
4. Lily Aldridge (perfect highlights)
5. Jessica Alba (gorgeous color changes)

If you’re looking for a similar change, I recommend going to one of your trusted colorist with many, many photos of your celebrity inspirations (do the research). So many have done amazingly beautiful risks with their hair, so try it out and I swear your attitude will change. After all, a change will do you good for the New Year and it’s only January so far!

You can follow Vicki on Twitter at @vicfrid

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