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How Ruth Changed her Life with Sono Bello

We’re so excited to share Ruth’s Sono Bello story with you this week. Ruth is a wonderful lady who works as an attorney and is also a registered nurse. She spends her life helping people solve their problems, whether they’re medical or legal issues. When she reached her fifties, she decided it was time to solve a problem of her own.

“As a younger person I was able to really keep my waist very small, but as I got older, once I hit a certain age, it was harder to get rid of that.”

Ruth felt unhappy with her midsection. She tried dieting and rigorous exercise, but she was never able to get her problem area under control. She felt like her body was out of
proportion, and she just didn’t feel like herself. Ruth decided it was time to try something different.

“Before when I would diet and exercise I would have results but they wouldn’t be necessarily proportional and balanced the way I wanted them to.”

As a nurse, Ruth knew about the various options for body contouring and she chose Sono Bello right away. She knew she could trust in our physicians and knew she wanted a procedure that didn’t require general anesthesia. Sono Bello’s minimally invasive procedures fit the bill. She knew exactly what she wanted and came in to see us right away. Because of her medical background, she barely even had any questions for us—she was just ready to go!

“It was like solving a problem; I love solving problems for other people and this was exciting to solve one for myself.”

Ruth loves her new Sono Bello body, especially her hips! She says being able to put her hands on her hipbones is a great feeling she hadn’t experienced in a long time.

Watch the video to see how Sono Bello changed Ruth’s life


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