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How to Get Your Dream Body at 50: Dana’s Sono Bello Story

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As Dana approached 50, she felt passionate about her long-term goals but needed some sort of extra push to actually accomplish them.

She was increasingly insecure about her appearance ⁠— and it was holding her back in every way.

After having four children, she was ready and excited to re-enter the workforce. But she felt too self-conscious to do it.

She desperately wanted to wear a two-piece bathing suit again and play in the pool with her children. But her body insecurities didn’t allow that.

And, most of all, Dana was determined to improve her fitness and permanently change her lifestyle.

She never wanted her body or appearance to control her life again. She didn’t want to feel uncomfortable in her own skin anymore.

Dana’s body transformation story began when she was in her 30s after she had her first daughter. When she had children, she spent 15 years as a stay at home mom.

“I had kids later in life,” says Dana, now 48 and a mother of four. “And after 40, it’s just impossible to get rid of fat.”

After she had her children, Dana attempted to lose the excess weight she gained from her pregnancies. “I used to go to the gym every day,” she says. “I’d drop off the kids at school and go straight there. But my body never changed.”

Because of her lack of progress, Dana felt unmotivated. She cut down her workout regimen to two times per week, usually taking yoga or Zumba classes. She loved working out ⁠— but didn’t want to waste time on something that wasn’t yielding the results she desired.

On her quest to shed fat, Dana was also an avid dieter. Her interest in dieting preceded her affinity for fitness.

From Keto to juice cleanses, she tried fad and niche diets on-and-off for 20 years, mostly inspired by her mom. While dieting made her feel good, it still didn’t get her significant physical results.

Dana depended on wearing baggy clothes and multiple layers to hide her problem areas. And getting dressed was never easy. “I really had to put thought into what I wore and how to hide my body,” she says.

When Dana found Sono Bello, she’d already been contemplating fat removal procedures. She suspected having one would be the key to transforming her life.

Turns out, she was right.

Just months before her 48th birthday, Dana had Sono Bello’s TriSculpt E/X procedure to remove the extra skin from her lower abdomen.

Instantly, she felt like a new person. Though the recovery period was tough at times, she started seeing results just weeks after the procedure.

“I’ve been getting compliments. People have started to notice,” says Dana excitedly. “I guess when you go from wearing old, raggedy clothes to nice fitting clothes, it makes a big difference.”

Now, Dana’s ready to take on her 50s in the body of her dreams. She thanks Sono Bello for giving her the kickstart she needed to transform her life ⁠— but says this is only the beginning.

She looks forward to being more active, rebuilding her wardrobe, swimming with her children, and so much more.

“I’m feeling better and I’m looking great. I love it,” gushes Dana. “I feel a lot more confident.”

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