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“I Finally Feel Sexy Again!”

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Kara had seen her weight fluctuate for many years. As a former physique show contestant who was used to showing off her body, she suddenly felt a change.

“My priorities changed and I gained [weight].” She was at her heaviest and was struggling to feel comfortable in her own skin. She found herself wearing bigger clothes and she “hated shopping.” Kara found herself hiding her body.

Then she turned to Sono Bello. “I decided to do that procedure for myself.” She had micro-laser liposuction done on her upper and lower abdomen, bra roll, waist, and arms.

Just four months’ post-procedure and she had lost inches all over her body. She’s comfortable in two-piece bathing suits and she loves shopping again!

Besides the physical change, Kara says “Sono Bello has really changed my mindset.” Her life has changed again and she enjoys working out again. Sono Bello has helped Kara get her lifestyle to where she wanted it to be. “I finally feel, sexy, confident, and comfortable.”

Just three months before her wedding, Kara decided to have a procedure to feel more comfortable on her big day. She had a custom-fit dress but she, “felt square. I didn’t have any curves.” After Sono Bello, she was able to felt how she wanted to feel. She was comfortable and she had the curves she wanted. “I felt like what a bride should feel like.”

“If anyone ever wants to do something for yourself, I highly recommend Sono Bello.”

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