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Kickstarting A New Lifestyle: Cody's Story

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“No matter how hard you try, diets won’t always be the end-all fix-all.”

Cody had spent years “yo-yo dieting” and struggling with getting his body to look the way that he wanted it to. “The love handles had always been there no matter how skinny I was.”

As the Center Development Manager, working out of our Tampa, FL, location, Cody has had exposure to the whole industry and the doctors. “I trusted in the doctor in Tampa,” and having seen the work and transformations, Cody felt comfortable having a Trisculpt procedure at Sono Bello.

Cody felt good enough to go back to work the next day but says that it’s normal to feel bloated after your procedure. After 3 days Cody felt back to normal speed and within 2 weeks he could feel the difference in the way that his clothes fit.

The change since that procedure has led him to have more self-responsibility and keep up with a daily lifestyle of eating healthy and being nutritious. His Sono Bello procedure was the beginning of him changing his life. Liposuction won’t “fix everything but it will create that pathway to a better life.”

Mentally Cody still has to realize that his body has changed, as he sometimes finds himself still ordering larger clothes. “I am 100% more confident in the clothes that I wear.” The people in his life say that they can’t imagine him looking any other way now.

The best thing for Cody has been how his body has physically changed. “I feel so much more confident being who I am.” He found that the most important thing about the procedure is that you have to keep a good perspective about yourself. “This procedure will help change your confidence and give you a better lifestyle.”

Cody wants to remind patients that this is a commitment and “sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.” Cody thought he could lose the weight himself but eventually realized that he needed to “take [his] leap of faith.”

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