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Michelle Kickstarted Her Fitness Journey with Sono Bello

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In many of cases, liposuction is about getting a person to a place where they feel comfortable and confident starting their own fitness journey. It’s so much easier to work out when you’re not being physically and emotionally weighed down by excess body fat.

This motivational boost is exactly what Michelle was hoping to achieve. And with the help of Sono Bello’s team of doctors and nurses, she is now in a place where she feels excited about getting back in the gym.

Michelle first began gaining weight when she started a stressful new sales job in a city where she didn’t have many friends or family members around to support her. Her workdays were long and unpredictable, and when she finally got home, all she wanted to do was relax on the couch.

Anybody who’s worked a job with crazy hours knows how hard it can be to find time to exercise before or after work. Michelle tried working out in the mornings and the evenings, but this routine only made her day more stressful.

Eventually, Michelle decided that it was best for her mental health if she moved back home to Philadelphia where her family lives. She got a new job that she likes and is significantly happier now that she’s living near her loved ones.

Having taken care of her mental wellbeing, the next step was to improve her physical fitness. A stubborn layer of fat had built up around her abs, hips, and waist and was making it difficult for her to kickstart a gym routine. The extra weight slowed her down and diminished her confidence.

At this point, Michelle decided to start looking into liposuction options to help push her towards becoming her best self. She had never been opposed to cosmetic surgery and saw liposuction specifically as a good “jumping-off point” from which she could begin a fitness journey of her own. She decided to go with Sono Bello after a close friend recommended us to her.

Today, Michelle is three months post-operation and says that she is feeling confident and motivated! Her friends and family all compliment her on her transformation, and she’s even started dating again. For a while, Michelle was hesitant to post any pictures of herself on social media because of her weight. Now, she’s feels empowered to start sharing pictures of herself and has been active on Instagram.

Numerous people have reached out to Michelle on social media to ask about her experience with Sono Bello and her ongoing mission to better herself. She’s confidently explained the process of getting liposuction to a few of these people and walked them through how it impacted her life.

Michelle went from being stressed out and unhealthy to being fit and happy. She realized that she was in an unsustainable situation and took proactive steps to improve her life. She addressed her mental health by finding a more suitable job in an area where she was closer to family. Then, she took care of her physical health by going to Sono Bello and then starting to exercise more frequently. It wasn’t an easy road – and her journey isn’t over yet – but the progress that Michelle was able to make is very impressive and we’re honored that we could be a part of it.

If any part of Michelle’s story resonated with you, contact us to learn how Sono Bello can kickstart your fitness journey.

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