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Shawnte Jumpstarted Her Fitness Routine with Sono Bello

Exercising and dieting can be frustrating when you aren’t seeing the results you expected. Putting all that effort into improving your body only to have it stay the same week after week is enough to make anyone feel like giving up. However, for many people, liposuction surgery can be the catalyst that encourages them to get back in the gym. It fuels their self-esteem and renews their commitment to self-improvement.  

For Shawnte, a busy mom from Athens, GA, this confidence boost is exactly what she needed. It was hard enough for her to find time to work out; she didn’t need the added burden of feeling like it wasn’t paying off. After months of consideration, she finally decided that she needed to get over the hump and commit fully to her fitness journey. And that started with a Sono Bello minimally invasive micro-laser liposuction procedure.  

In August, she underwent liposuction at our Atlanta, GA location and had the fat permanently removed from her upper and lower abs, waist, and lower back. She also had our TriSculpt E/X procedure performed on her tummy to remove excess abdominal skin and give her a more natural, smooth, and toned appearance.  

Since having her procedure, Shawnte says that she wakes up happy with her small waistline every morning. “I used to be unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. Now I can’t stay out of the mirror! I enjoy trying on clothes and getting ready to go out.” 

This new confidence has also given her the energy to work out consistently again. After her body recovered, she wanted to do everything to maintain and build on her results. “Now that I have a jumpstart on my new body, I’m motivated to keep the weight off and get in even better shape.” 

For anybody considering having liposuction surgery, Shawnte says, “Sono Bello is worth the money and much safer than the old-school way.”  

If you related to Shawnte’s story and are interested in kickstarting your own Sono Bello transformation, we invite you to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.