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Sherry's Body Is Finally Where She Wants It to Be

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“It’s OK mom, it’s just happy fat!”  

That’s what Sherry’s kids told her when she began expressing self-consciousness about her weight. Unsurprisingly, comments like this, well-intentioned and adorable as they may have been, didn’t improve Sherry’s opinion of her body. She didn’t want to be “happy fat.” She didn’t want to be fat at all.  

As a woman in the prime of adulthood, Sherry wanted her outer appearance to reflect her inner vitality. Even if her family thought she looked fine, she still felt motivated to lose weight for the sake of her own health and happiness. She didn’t want to be forced to wear extra-large t-shirts just to conceal her belly fat and muffin top. So, she resolved to make a change.  

From that day forward, Sherry did everything she could to get in shape. She worked out, ate salads, took diet pills, and still, she just couldn’t seem to burn off the stubborn layer of fat around her waist and abdomen. This, as anyone who’s struggled to lose weight will attest, was both infuriating and demoralizing. 

“I couldn’t lose a pound,” Sherry said. “My self-esteem was really low, which only made it harder to lost weight because it affected my motivation. And then, one day, I saw an ad on Facebook for Sono Bello.” 

Continuing to work hard at something when you’re not seeing results is incredibly difficult. And when it comes to weight loss, there are so many biological factors that can impact a person’s ability to burn off fat. So, when Sherry saw our advertisement and discovered that there was a way for women like her to get their stubborn fat professionally removed, she knew it was the logical next step for her.  

“I immediately called and scheduled an appointment for a liposuction consultation. The people that I spoke with were wonderful. The whole Sono Bello team was helpful, explaining everything from start to finish, and at the end of the consultation, I booked an appointment to have the surgery done.”  

Sherry had her procedure done in the morning, and by the afternoon of that same day, she was up and walking around. She says that she experienced some mild soreness, but not enough to take pain medication. The discomfort subsided the following day, and Sherry says that after 48 hours she was “back to my normal self and working.”  

Three months after her operation, Sherry is down 30 pounds and is looking fantastic! She went from 175 pounds to 145. Her new body has given her the confidence and motivation to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

“I feel and look great. I can wear tank tops and bathing suits again. My kids also say I look great, which I love. Looking great is much better than looking happy fat.”  

That’s right, no more “happy fat” for Sherry.  

As for how she plans to maintain her physique moving forwards, Sherry said, “At this point, I’m at the size and weight that I want to be. Now, it’s a matter of keeping it up. This means working out, toning my body, and eating healthy. This is a lifestyle change for me, and I know that I will only get out of it what I am willing to put in.” 

For people considering getting liposuction surgery, Sherry said, “This can be a great start to a healthier, happier life for you.”  

We couldn’t agree more. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best. If you found any part of Sherry’s story inspiring or relatable, we encourage you to schedule a free liposuction consultation at your earliest convenience. 

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