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This Entrepreneur and Mother of Five Eliminated Unwanted Fat with Sono Bello

Renee Dudley owns her own clothing business, and as a person working in the fashion industry, she wants to feel beautiful and confident in her own clothes. However, due to stubborn fat in her upper and lower abdomen, Renee struggled to feel positive about being the face of her business.  

She tried working out and dieting to lose weight, but between her busy work schedule and her five children, it was hard to dedicate sufficient time to self-care. That annoying belly fat refused to go away.  

“Going to the gym regularly and dieting requires a lot of effort, and the fat always seems to come back no matter what. I wanted to feel right in my own clothes, so the fat had to be removed,” says Renee.   

Her pants began leaving marks on her waist and her bra was digging painfully into her sides. This constant discomfort was the catalyst that forced her to realize that it was time to get help from professionals.  

She was already familiar with Sono Bello just by brand name and reputation, and after doing some deeper research of her own, she decided to schedule a liposuction appointment at our Scottsdale, AZ, office.  

Today, Renee is three weeks post-operation and can’t believe how good she looks! She says that she “hasn’t felt this good since she was 16 years old.” She finally feels right in her own clothes and can’t wait to wear them everywhere. She even wants to get back into hiking!  

Both personally and professionally, Renee’s operation has given her the confidence to live her life to the fullest. She’s active, she’s happy, and she can finally be the best possible ambassador for her fashion business.  

As far as the actual procedure went, Renee admits that she was a little scared going in. However, once she saw how minimally invasive the laser operation was, she was relieved. She didn’t even have to go under anesthesia, just listened to jazz and let the doctors and nurses do their thing. When it was over, she just got right off the table “perfect” as she puts it. No bruising or anything.  

Renee’s family and friends have been incredibly supportive and even stunned with how well the operation went for her. One of her friends had to do a double-take when she saw her on the street because she couldn’t believe how good Renee looked. And, best of all, she noticed how happy Renee was and how she finally wanted to be seen.  

Renee’s advice for anybody considering getting liposuction is, “Do it. Go for it. Check it out. Go in see what they have to say and heed their advice. If it’s something that you’ve always wanted to do, then what’s that harm in going in?” 

“Let them re-create you. It’s all worth it in the end.”