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Winter is coming — is your skincare routine ready?

“Winter is coming.” If you took our advice earlier about caring for your summer’s tan (meaning: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!) then your skin should be in better shape than most to withstand the onslaught of wintery winds and chilly temperatures and Sahara-dry indoor air.

To reduce chapping, dryness and flakiness, try these tips to keep skin healthy and lovely all through your busy holiday season.

Beat the indoor heat – Moisturize! Make this your winter mantra – use moisturizer and lots of it. If your skin is on the oily side, you may need it to use a non-clogging oil product, such as avocado, almond or primrose, but you will still need some barrier protection from the elements.

This includes using sunscreen as well: the sun, especially with snow glare, can cause as much damage in winter as in summer to exposed skin. Apply a broad-spectrum product to face, hands and other exposed areas about 30 minutes before heading outside.

Holiday snacks and treats – There’s no need to completely forego holiday treats but when hitting the holiday open houses and office parties, head to the cheese trays, veggie sticks and nuts if possible and skip that extra cup of spiked eggnog.

Unless you have allergies, walnuts are an especially good source of omega-3 fatty acids as are flaxseed, salmon and even tuna. Bonus tip: omega-3 oils are good for boosting brain-power as well.

Stay hydrated – Did we mention staying hydrated? Water isn’t just for summer – your skin needs H2O’s benefits more than ever when Old Man Winter comes calling and the furnace thermostat goes up. In addition, drinking plenty of water keeps the rest of you humming healthily along.

Nix the facial peels and hot baths – Very hot water temperatures actually break down the skin’s lipid barriers, leading to faster loss of precious moisture. Peels, clay masks and alcohol-based toners, astringents and lotions can strip away protective oils, leaving skin vulnerable to more damage.

Finally, here’s a great skincare recipe, with ingredients that could have come straight out of Sansa Stark’s beauty routines. It does a super job of moisturizing and dispelling those fine wrinkles and lines around eyes, nose and brows as well as supports thinning skin on the neck. combine a teaspoon each of rosewater, lavender oil, vitamin E oil and half a teaspoon of frankincense oil, pour into your palm and gently pat (never, ever rub) all over your face for a fragrant and healing toner just before bedtime.

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