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8 Celebrity Beauty Treatments from Your Kitchen

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8 Celebrity Beauty Treatments from Your Kitchen

You probably get your beauty supplies from the drugstore or salon, or maybe online. But have you ever though to check out your kitchen? While many celebs rely on expensive, high-end treatments to look their best, some just open the fridge. Check out these celebrity-approved natural beauty tips to get yourself looking red carpet ready.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Ever wish you had Scarlett Johansson’s glowing skin? Apparently all it takes is some apple cider vinegar. The stunning star uses the pungent liquid as a face cleanser, claiming it stops breakouts and aids in exfoliation. Try it yourself, just make sure you don’t have to go out in public after using it; you might smell like salad dressing!

2. Olive Oil

GOOP herself, Gwyneth Paltrow, uses olive oil as a deep conditioner for her golden locks. As a big proponent of all things natural, this comes as no surprise. The beautiful star works about ½ cup of olive oil through her hair once a week for extra strength and shine.

3. Honey

Julia Roberts uses honey to soothe her dry skin. Considering she looks almost exactly the same as she did a decade ago, this strange treatment seems to be working well for her! To try it yourself, smear honey on as a mask after cleansing. Rinse it off with warm water after about ten minutes. Then glow like Julia!

4. Coconut Oil

The secret to Kourtney Kardashian’s super shiny hair is coconut oil. The beautiful reality star uses coconut oil as a hair mask at least once a month to condition and add shine. Coconut oil is great at repairing heat damage and taming frizz.

5. Avocado

Maybe this beauty advice from Posh will land you a Beckham of your own. (It doesn’t hurt to dream!) Victoria Beckham swears by an avocado mask for clear, glowing skin. To try it yourself, spread a mashed up avocado on your skin and wipe off once dry.

6. Red Wine

Which Desperate Housewife bathes in red wine? Terry Hatcher, who seems to never age, adds a cup of red wine to her bath. A 20 minute relaxing soak leaves her with soft, youthful skin. For added relaxation, try taking some of that wine internally.

7. Egg White

Smearing raw eggs on your face doesn’t sound like the most hygienic thing in the world, but Katy Perry apparently doesn’t fear salmonella! She uses egg whites as a firming face mask. She adds a few drops of almond oil for extra moisture.

8. Beer

Another boozy beauty product: Catherine Zeta Jones uses beer as a hair rinse. It adds shine and boosts highlights. It sounds like a waste of a good beverage, but if it makes your hair look like CZJ’s, it just might be worth it!

Photo credit: MingleMediaTV, Paul Bird, and David Shankbone respectively

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