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The Truth about Keratin Treatments

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The Truth about Keratin Treatments

Jennifer Aniston recently debuted a sleek new bob. While the actress looks stunning, as usual, she revealed that her new look isn’t by choice. Aniston is the victim of a keratin treatment gone wrong.

A keratin treatment, also known as a Brazilian blowout, is a procedure that smooths the hair, leaving it sleek and straight for up to three months. In addition to being bad for your locks, this treatment can actually be damaging to your overall health as well.

Here are five reasons to just say no to keratin treatments:

1. Your hair might fall out. Seriously. Keratin treatments can traumatize the roots of your hair, causing serious scalp damage that leads to hair loss. So unless you’re ok with rocking the bald look, you should probably just stick to using a flat iron.

2. Formaldehyde. If you ever had to dissect a frog in high school chemistry, you remember the horrible smell of formaldehyde. The same chemical used to embalm poor Mr. Frog is used in keratin treatments. It’s been blamed for causing everything from respiratory problems to cancer. It’s highly toxic, and definitely bad news for your body.

3. You don’t want to poison your stylist. At least, I really hope you don’t. Most of us have a good relationship with our hairdressers. Subjecting them to regular keratin treatments is really unhealthy. Stylists who work in salons that perform keratin treatments complain of a whole range of health issues. Prolonged exposure to chemicals like formaldehyde is seriously risky.

4. Keratin treatments won’t fix damaged hair. In fact, if your hair is already damaged, keratin will only make it worse. Many people have frizzy, unmanageable hair because of heat damage, sun damage, or over-processing. While a keratin treatment might seem like a quick way to restore shine and manageability, in reality it will only make things worse.

5. You might not look as good as Jennifer Aniston does in short hair! If your hair is severely damaged by a keratin treatment like Jen’s was, you will have no choice but to cut off the damage. Short hair may look glam on Jen, but if long, luscious hair is your signature, you should definitely stay away from keratin.

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