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Imagine how your life will change when you’re in love with your appearance. Sono Bello® offers multiple customized procedures that make it possible to have the transformation you want at a price you can afford.

Micro-Laser Lipo with TriSculpt®

Our most popular treatment, TriSculpt® is a state-of-the-art process that specifically targets your body’s problem areas and eliminates fat in as little as one day.
As we age, it gets harder and harder to lose the diet-and exercise-resistant fat our bodies want to hold on to in certain problem areas. Sono Bello®’s TriSculpt® process can remove the fat that has accumulated over time, restore the natural contours of your body, and give you a firmer, toned and more youthful appearance.
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Treat Yourself to Venus Freeze

Customize your Sono Bello® experience.

Reduce Your Unwanted Cellulite with Venus Freeze

Non-invasive treatments that use the latest technology to reduce cellulite, as well as smooth and tighten your skin.
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Venus Legacy for Body Contouring & Skin Rejuvenation

Treatments are safe, quick and effective for all skin types.
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