Toned and Trimmer Results

For those who require an additional amount of fat removal, an added post TriSculpt procedural step is often needed where the remaining loose and slightly sagging lower abdominal skin is removed.

The TriSculpt E/X procedure is the ideal solution as it includes both the TriSculpt micro-laser lipo fat removal AND the post procedure sagging skin removal—providing a beautiful, tighter, toned and sculpted result.


Localized Awake Anesthesia

Patients remain awake throughout the TriSculpt procedure, receiving local anesthesia in the areas of treatment.

Power-Assisted & Micro-Laser Assisted Liposuction

Sono Bello® physicians use power-assisted technologies with micro cannulas and gentle suction to effectively remove unwanted fat. For the finishing touches, our micro-laser is used to contour unwanted fat in your problem areas.

Excess Skin Removal

Excess lower abdominal sagging skin is then removed to achieve a more toned
and sculpted look.

Real Sono Bello Patients