Angela’s Story

Angela SS

I am a mother of three and have undergone two C-sections. So, as my 40th birthday approached, I wanted to reclaim my body and do something about that age-related stubborn fat that just wouldn’t go away with diet and exercise. I was so unhappy with my midsection that I knew I had to take action.

After going through a divorce and remarrying, I was sad that my new husband never got to see my body in its youth. He is strikingly handsome and has aged better than I have. I wanted to look like I belonged with him when we went out somewhere, and now I feel that way. Not only is he impressed with my new look, my teenaged daughter now wants to borrow my clothes!

I had no idea something like Sono Bello existed. The technology, the way that they can shape my body back to what it was before has been amazing. I forgot I look like this.