Carol’s Story

Carol SS

I went to Sono Bello and met with a consultant and I talked to her about my concerns, which were really my neck and under my chin. And she was really great. She explained to me the process and that I would be meeting with the doctor. Then later, I came in and I met with the doctor. And the doctor explained exactly what was going to happen and she showed me and explained the procedure and the results that I could expect to see. I was really excited about that and I decided that I wanted to go through with it, that it was something I really wanted. And then the day of the procedure came, they were great! They gave me all the information up front. I had all the information that I needed when I went in. And that morning, the nurses were all wonderful. They helped me through the procedure and it went really quickly. And afterwards, I was a little concerned about how I would feel. But they took care of everything. And it was really great! I’m really pleased with the results. I couldn’t be happier!

“What impressed me about the physicians at Sono Bello was their kindness and their concern. They let you know very specifically about the procedure, what happens and what to expect. They truly delivered, with no surprises, exactly what we had discussed. I feel I look great. I feel more confident. I don’t have a droopy neck…., and my cheeks, and my jowls are great. I just love the look.”