Kaiesha’s Story

Kaiesha SS

After having my two kids, I started to feel insecure about my appearance. I was dieting and exercising, but I still had a bulge in my abdomen that just wouldn’t go away. I hated how my clothes fit, and I started avoiding events and gatherings because I didn’t like how I looked. I decided I wanted to have a procedure done, but I was nervous about being left with loose, saggy skin.

I went to a consultation at Sono Bello, and was so happy with my treatment there. The atmosphere was great, the office was clean, and the staff was so accommodating. Since my procedure, I feel more confident and outgoing. It’s been life changing for me. My tummy is flat and I don’t have any loose or sagging skin.

“After the procedure, I have more confidence and higher self-esteem. I’m wearing dresses again and I like the way I look overall.”