Shirley’s Story

Shirley SS

When I looked in the mirror, the part of my face that I just didn’t like anymore was my neck. My face was starting to look like I was growling jowls and I had a little bit of a double chin. So I decided to have the Lift by Sono Bello. The customization is incredible. You are absolutely one on one with the doctor and they make sure that it’s ‘your’ structure. They don’t want you to look “different”. Just better, fresher, and younger. And not necessarily “completely different”. Just a better, younger looking yourself. Now people are just looking at me going, “Oh, my God! You really look alive, fresh, younger …, and just happy. More people look at me. I turn more heads now – And it’s awesome!

When I looked in the mirror before the procedure, I saw a 54 year old woman. And in my brain, I felt like I was still a 24 year old woman. I was hoping that this procedure would give me maybe 10 years…… I think I got closer to 20!