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Ensure your transformation is successful by taking advantage of Sono Bello®’s unique Fly In program. Don’t let distance keep you from getting the stunning results you deserve.

Body Sculpting

TriSculpt® dramatically transforms your body—and your life—in as little as one day by targeting and eliminating fat that even diet and exercise won’t get rid of. In just a few sessions, VelaShape and Venus Treatments work to reduce the circumference of your problem areas and give your body a firmer, sleeker shape.

Facial Rejuvenation

Lift offers you a second chance at looking young again by smoothing and lifting the areas of your face you’re most concerned with. Every one of our facial rejuvenation procedures are fully customized for you and your specific problem areas—and perfectly designed to give you amazing, natural looking results.


Why Fly In to Sono Bello®?

Depending on where you live, it may not be possible to receive the exceptional care and excellent results you’d like to get from a body contouring procedure in your own backyard. That doesn’t mean you should give up… you’ve now found Sono Bello!

Sono Bello physicians do thousands of body contouring procedures every year and because we have so many locations across the United States there’s likely a center within a short flight of where you live. This is why patients from all over the country have chosen Sono Bello. We make it easy for them – and for you – with a convenient “Fly In” program.

In addition to the high demand for Sono Bello body contouring services many patients prefer to keep their surgery low key. By traveling a short distance and returning after a quick recovery no one has to know your little secret!

If you’re interested in Body Contouring procedures but live outside one of the metropolitan areas where we have a center your needs can still be conveniently met. Our “Fly In” specialist will assist you, like so many others, to make it hassle free for you to achieve your body contouring goals. Let us do all the work and you can just enjoy the results!

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