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Tummy Tuck Alternative

Are you considering a Tummy Tuck to contour your abdomen and tighten excess skin? At Sono Bello we have a unique solution that provides tummy tuck like results by removing unwanted fat and excess sagging skin with less risk. Our minimally invasive stay awake procedure allows for faster recovery than traditional tummy tuck approach.

Get $250 Off Your Sono Bello Body Now**

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How Our Tummy Tuck Alternative Works at Sono Bello

TriSculpt E/X includes a more aggressive approach to fat removal through our liposuction than a traditional Tummy Tuck. One trade-off is that because our surgeons are very focused on fat removal and lower abdomen skin removal we do not typically remove as much overall skin as you would in a more traditional Tummy Tuck. TriSculpt E/X is done under localized anesthesia which results in fewer complications, less downtime and faster patient recovery as we completely avoid the risk associated with general anesthesia.

TriSculpt E/X Frequently Asked Questions

TriSculpt E/X vs Traditional Tummy Tuck

TriSculpt E/X focuses on maximizing fat removal through our laser liposuction and lower abdominal skin removal but does not do as much skin removal as a traditional tummy tuck. TriSculpt E/X is done under localized anesthesia, meaning it does not have as long of downtime following the procedure as a traditional Tummy Tuck does.

Who is a good candidate for TriSculpt E/X?

Good candidates for TriSculpt E/X, are generally the same good candidates for a tummy tuck. People with loose skin and extra stomach fat which they want to be removed.

What is the recovery process like?

This is one of the key benefits of TriSculpt E/X since we do not perform adjustments to stomach muscles there is much faster recovery. Our patients are typically back to normal activities in 5-7 days and back to working out in 3-4 weeks. In contrast, Tummy Tuck patients typically will take 3-4 weeks to resume normal activities and typically can’t work out for at least three months.

Crystal's Story

Crystal, a mom of 2, said her body bounced back after having kids. But eventually, as she stopped doing things for herself, she saw her body change. She came to Sono Bello for our TriSculpt E/X procedure and was able to feel confident in the bikini she had saved for years.

Crystal, Age 36


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