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Dawn's Story

Dawn is Brian‘s wife. She is the one who inspired Brian to have his surgery. “When I saw the TV commercial, I thought, they are saying the words I think every day. No matter what I do I just couldn’t lose that last 10 pounds. My figure had gone from curvy to boxy. I had fat pads on my waist and no matter how much exercise or diet I did they just wouldn’t go away!”  After seeing the commercial a few times, she couldn’t resist going in. “I had been thinking about Liposuction for awhile but Sono Bello sounded much easier and like it had a lot less recovery time. I saw a difference right away. I had my curves back right away and then every day the results just got better and better! My love handles are gone and I’m wearing all the same clothes, but they fit so much better prior to going in, I just wanted to wear sweatpants all the time! I’m proud. I tell people! I don’t lie. In fact, I even carry cards around with me to hand out to people who think I look great!”

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Get $250 Off your Sono Bello Body

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Success Stories

“I feel comfortable in my own skin and look sexy and feel confident. I’m a new person!”

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Kellie After
Kellie Before Kellie, Age 43, TriSculpt® Micro-Laser Liposuction

Success Stories

“I’ve kept my new shape and can even wear a bikini now! Sono Bello has given me a freedom I’ve never felt before.”

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Jen After
Jen Before Jen, Age 44, TriSculpt® Micro-Laser Liposuction

Success Stories

“There’s been a huge difference in my self-esteem and confidence.”

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Sandy After
Sandy Before Sandy, Age 65, TriSculpt® Micro-Laser Liposuction

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