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5 Great Activities for Summer Fitness

Summer is here. Why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside to stay active?!

The summer months are the perfect time to set goals and get moving. What we need are fun and easy activities that we can do anywhere while enjoying the summer sun. Here are some great activities you can do this summer to stay fit and feel good:

  1. Sunrise/Sunset Yoga
    Yoga is known for its stress relieving abilities, yet it also strengthens every muscle in your body. It is able to control weight loss by reducing cortisol levels and burning excess calories. Yoga outdoors is also a great way to connect with nature and feel good, try sunrise or sunset yoga to feel fully refreshed.
  2. Speedminton
    This hot new beach game is a combination of badminton, squash, and tennis and is great at breaking a sweat. Speedminton is a fast paced sport that will get your daily cardio workout in whilst burning 400 calories in an hour. It’s a perfect game for the backyard or the beach and is sure to keep your arms toned and heart pumping.
  3. Biking
    Cycling is a low impact activity that is an easy aerobic and muscle workout that everyone can do. Going on a bike ride is a great effective way to control weight because it raises your metabolic rate, builds muscle, and burns off body fat. Most importantly, it is easy to fit biking into your daily routine.
  4. Tennis 
    Tennis is not only a cathartic way to relief stress, it is also a way to build your upper body strength. Tennis can help you improve your hand-eye coordination and maintain, health, fitness, strength, and agility. Tennis is also a great sport to involve friends and family in.
  5. Hiking 
    Hiking is not only a great way to connect with nature, but it is also a powerful cardio workout. Walking through forests and rocky terrain is a great workout for the lower body as well as strengthening your core. Getting out in the fresh air will get your heart beating and your soul smiling. Happy trails!
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