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Christine's Joyful Transformation

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“I’m so proud of what I’ve done… I’m going to wear a bikini this year! And I’m going to feel great doing it!”

How we look on the outside can have a tremendous effect on how we feel on the inside. When you’re not comfortable in your own body it can be tough to feel happy, motivated to take care of yourself, and live your best life.

When our featured patient, Christine, started to feel like her weight was holding her back, she decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, Christine decided to try a non-invasive fat freeze procedure, and the results were devastating. Not only did she gain the weight right back, she also struggled with unsightly scar tissue.

This was a tough period for Christine; she rarely left the house and always tried to hide her body. She felt depressed and worried she would never find a solution to her situation. Eventually, she decided to give Sono Bello a call and was thrilled to hear that we could help her. She felt cared for from the moment she first reached out to us. She described her Sono Bello team as a little family that always made her feel comfortable.

Christine went forward with her Sono Bello micro-laser liposuction procedure and couldn’t be happier. She returned to work four days after her procedure and immediately noticed that her waist was two inches smaller. Now she is three sizes smaller than before her procedure and feels better than ever. Her confidence is back and she doesn’t feel the need to hide away anymore!

In addition to recommending Sono Bello to her friends and family, Christine is speaking out about her procedure and the pride she feels for deciding to visit Sono Bello. She says nobody should be embarrassed about having a procedure that boosts their confidence as much as this did for her.

“Now I walk down the street and feel like a million dollars. I feel like a model!”

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