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Felisha is Ready To Be 50 & Fabulous!

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“Get the body you want, the body you deserve.”

Felisha never thought she had a weight issue “until middle age started hitting.” She had a knee injury and a child and realized that she wasn’t as fit as she used to be. So, she decided to give Sono Bello a try!

She had worked out, was eating right, but needed a bit extra help to get to where she wanted to be. “I’m so glad I did it. Just so thankful for Sono Bello.”

Felisha said she didn’t feel intimidated by liposuction and Sono Bello because she had been reassured that seeing real people who had real results in commercials, convinced her that it could work. Seeing before and after images showed Felisha that this was worth it, “That Sono Bello commercial was a life changer for me.”

She acknowledges that having a procedure can be scary, but “the process was so easy, simple, and it made you comfortable with what you’re doing.” Felisha had micro-laser liposuction done on her thighs in 2013 and on her stomach in 2019.

Felisha had lost weight but Sono Bello helped her complete her journey to her best body. “I feel good and sexy. I got my curves back.”

Now she feels younger, she’s able to be more active and play with her daughter. “I’m proud to be 50!” She has the energy to do things and enjoy her life and the people in it.

Felisha loves to tell people about Sono Bello. “They treat everyone like a celebrity. You really feel special [and] nurtured.” She says that after wasting so much on specialty diet food, the money she spent at Sono Bello was well worth it.

Now she can order clothes without worry and is excited to enjoy the beach or the pool with her new body! Being tall, shopping hasn’t always been easy, but now her new slimmer body is easier to dress.

“My only regret is I didn’t go to Sono Bello sooner,” and she would tell anyone considering Sono Bello to get a consultation. “This is the proof Sono Bello works.”

“This is the new me…and Sono Bello helped me get here.”

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