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Vanessa Found Confidence in TriSculpt

Vanessa Simmons is an actress, entrepreneur and mother. Fitness and wellness was always a key component in her day-to-day life but after she had her daughter nearly nine years ago, her body didn’t bounce back into its usual form.

Instead, Vanessa struggled to battle a stubborn ring of fat through her lower stomach and waist for years which only led to frustration. With a career revolving around being on camera, she knew she wanted to find a solution before her self-consciousness got in the way.

“I was dealing with stubborn body fat no matter how much I worked out,” she said. “My lower stomach would not tone up the way I wanted it to.”

Why Sono Bello?

Vanessa tried dieting, exercise and other noninvasive procedures with no luck. Tired of yo-yoing her way through fat loss, she decided to visit Sono Bello and find a solution once and for all.

“Not only am I looking to remove the fat permanently,” she said. “I am also looking to use this as motivation to truly dive into a healthy lifestyle.”

Not only could Sono Bello give Vanessa reassurance that her body would be contoured and fat removed permanently, but she also found comfort in TriSculpt’s minimal down time so she could get back to her busy lifestyle without missing a beat.

After TriSculpt

Vanessa worked with Sono Bello’s San Diego location to determine the best procedure for her needs. Together, they decided that TriSculpt micro-laser liposuction through her abdomen and waist would give her the contoured body she was looking for.

“I felt like this was the ultimate self-care I could give myself,” she said. “It’s bringing back confidence in everything that I do.”

Not only did Vanessa’s procedure go smoothly, but she was back to normal activities within the first week. Now, she’s continuing to heal and seeing improving results each day. At only two months post-op, she couldn’t be happier with her choice or more excited about the journey ahead.

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