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Getting the Ultimate Mommy Makeover: Adrian’s Sono Bello Story

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After having two children, Adrian noticed her body had permanently changed.

“With my first pregnancy, I probably went a size up,” says Adrian, 34. At the time, she wasn’t too concerned about it.

But, during her second pregnancy, her body underwent drastic changes. She started holding weight in new places, like her lower abdomen. And it was more difficult to lose fat once she’d gained it.

“It was just beyond [what I’d experienced before]. I felt like a whole different person,” Adrian says.

“My friends and family loved [me for me], but I wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror.”

Determined to get her body and confidence back, Adrian tried exercising and dieting.

But personal trainers and gym memberships couldn’t help her get the results she desired. Growing tired of yo-yo dieting and obsessing over food, Adrian decided to find another way to lose the fat.

As a producer for Sono Bello’s commercials, Adrian felt inspired by our patients’ amazing success stories. She could resonate with their stories about trying and failing to lose stubborn fat.

Eager to make a positive transformation in her own life, she decided to have a Sono Bello procedure herself. She was ready to do anything to get the results she wanted and deserved.

In July 2020, Adrian had Sono Bello’s AbEX micro-laser liposuction procedure on her abdomen, chin, and neck areas. Just days post-procedure, she knew she’d made the right decision. She already looked slimmer, especially in her jaw and neck areas, and her figure started to look thinner. By one week post-op, Adrian was already digging through her closet, trying to find smaller clothes to fit her new body.

“Before Sono Bello, just jeans and a t-shirt didn’t feel comfortable because of my stomach,” Adrian admits. But now, Adrian says she feels confident enough to wear anything.

“I’ve got my hourglass shape back!” says Adrian. “I’m so, so excited. I’m pulling out clothes from my closet that I haven’t worn in years!”

Elated by her progress, Adrian says she’s also started putting more effort into her hair and makeup. She has a new lust for life ⁠— and she says it’s all thanks to the results she got from Sono Bello!

“I’m so happy I decided to do Sono Bello for myself. This was my little thing for me,” Adrian says. “It was my mommy makeover!”

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