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Ornita Says Sono Bello “Made Me Feel 20 Again!”

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For as long as she can remember, Ornita maintained an active lifestyle. She worked out frequently, watched her diet, and took pride in her athletic appearance.  

Then, in 2017, she suffered a serious back injury at work that made any physical activity painful and burdensome. Even doing chores around the house resulted in aggravating back pain.  

Because of her limited physical movement, Ornita began to put on weight. A layer of fat slowly appeared and she couldn’t turn to her usual methods to try and lose the extra pounds.  

“The stubborn belly fat drove me crazy,” she said. 

Beginning her self-improvement journey  

Eliminating her body fat via exercise may not have been an option, but there were still things that Ornita could do to try and shed the weight that she gained. She tried several different diets, including the ketogenic diet, which is meant to encourage the body to consume fat as fuel. This focus on nutrition was mildly successful, but not successful enough to produce the results she was looking for. So, she continued watching her diet while exploring other options.  

In her research, she came across CoolSculpting. This treatment attempts to eliminate fat by freezing it. The idea is that – since fat freezes at a higher temperature than skin – you can safely freeze a person’s fat cells while leaving the rest of their healthy tissue unharmed.  

However, for Ornita, it wasn’t effective and her stubborn fat remained even after the treatment. So, she took the next logical step and started looking into liposuction surgery.  

Why Sono Bello? 

Ornita weighed her different treatment options for about six months before deciding that Sono Bello was the best choice to accomplish her fat-loss goals.  

“I chose Sono Bello after watching a few commercials as well as a handful of YouTube videos about TriSculpt,” she said. “After doing more research, I went to the consultation and everyone at the office was so pleasant.” 

About her surgery 

Ornita and the Sono Bello Atlanta, GA  team decided to schedule two separate treatments to guarantee Ornita reached her body goals using Sono Bello’s innovative AbEX procedure. Between the two appointments, Ornita received liposuction on her upper and lower abdomen and excess skin removal through her midsection. This additional skin treatment ensured that her final results were smooth and toned. 

Life after AbEX 

“Sono Bello gave me my confidence back and made me feel 20 again,” she said.   

This youthful confidence has improved her overall quality of life and reduced her frustration since losing mobility in her back. Physically, Ornita said she feels comfortable and confident in her skin again. Mentally, she feels “much less stressed because I no longer daydream, wish, and pray that I could do some crunches because the stubborn fat is gone.” 

Ornita can’t wait to show off her new body this spring and summer. “I’m looking forward to traveling now and taking more bikini pictures,” she said. 

Her advice to anyone considering getting a Sono Bello procedure is to: “Do your research, ask a lot of questions during your consultation, and make sure that liposuction is something you really want to do for yourself.”  

As far as results go, she encourages others to be realistic and not compare themselves to others.  

“Trust the process and do not rush your healing,” she said. “Please wear your compression garment as long as possible. Protect your investment, eat healthy, and exercise.” 

If Ornita’s story inspired you to begin a Sono Bello transformation of your own, we invite you to schedule a free expert consultation as soon as you’re ready. It’s your life; live it beautifully.  

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