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Six Years Later, B’Ann’s Results Still Look Amazing!

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One of the most common questions prospective patients have regarding liposuction surgery is: Do the results last? 

The short answer is yes. The slightly longer (and better) answer is: “The results are real, and the results last,” says patient ambassador, B’Ann. 

Liposuction is permanent. The fat cells that our surgeons remove during the operation are never coming back. That said, the fat cells that aren’t removed and remain in your body can inflate and deflate based on things like diet, exercise, and metabolism. So, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after your surgery.  

B’Ann is a perfect example of this. After her Sono Bello transformation, she remained committed to fitness and nutrition and now lives a happy life with the body she’s always wanted. All the surgery did was help her overcome the obstacles between her and sustainable success.  

Continuing Her Self-Improvement Journey 

The confidence and motivation that B’Ann gained from her Sono Bello operation have totally changed her lifestyle. She feels inspired to maintain and improve her body now that she isn’t fighting an uphill battle against stubborn problem areas. She eats clean, runs often, and takes pride in her appearance. She’s made impressive progress and says, “I will never go back.”  

The body that she had before Sono Bello is gone forever. Today, B’Ann’s only focus is on staying in shape rather than getting in shape and preserving her body weight. This is a much less stressful place to be, and we’re happy we were able to help her get there.  

A Physical and Mental Transformation 

When B’Ann went in for her initial consultation and subsequent surgeries at Sono Bello six years ago, her main goal, naturally, was to improve her body. She had been in peak athletic shape for most of her life, but stubborn fat became harder and harder to burn off after becoming a mom.  

She was unhappy with her weight and said, “I felt like a stranger in my own body.” After trying to eliminate these problem areas on her own for nearly ten years, she finally enlisted our professional help to remove the fat once and for all.  

Today, with the added perspective of six years, B’Ann realizes that there was one major factor that she didn’t fully consider the first time around: The way that Sono Bello would change her mindset.  

She was so focused on how liposuction would improve her physique; she didn’t fully appreciate how it would benefit her mentally. She says, “This procedure doesn’t just change your body, it changes your mind. It changes your life. I am proud of the way I look and happy when I look in a mirror.” 

This change in her attitude and outlook on life has inspired her to work out and diet, which improves her mindset even more. It’s a feedback loop that continues to reward B’Ann with health, happiness, and a positive body image. 

About the Surgery 

The specific areas that B’Ann had fat removed from were: 

  1. Upper and lower abs  
  1. Inner, outer, and posterior thighs 
  1. Bra roll 
  1. Lower back 

These procedures were done in two separate sessions, each focusing on a different body region. Her recovery process post-op went very smoothly; B’Ann says, “I had the surgery on a Saturday and was back to work on Monday!” 

Life After Lipo 

Patients who experience the most long-lasting success after surgery are those who realize that there’s no finish line when it comes to self-improvement. It’s a lifelong journey with lots of ups and downs. There is no best body, only a better body.  

B’Ann is a perfect example of this mindset. Since having her stubborn fat removed, her journey has been a non-stop string of victories thanks to her “I’m never going back” mantra. This fuels her to approach each day as an opportunity to achieve greater health and happiness than the day before.  

We’re immensely proud of the progress she’s made, and we can’t wait to see where she is in another six years!   

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