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This Las Vegas Radio DJ Got Her Dream Body with Sono Bello

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Self-confidence is important in any line of work, but in the entertainment industry, it’s absolutely crucial. Even for radio hosts (an increasingly visual medium), feeling good about their appearance can translate into a higher quality product for their fans.  

Heather, a 31-year-old DJ from Las Vegas, was suffering from a negative self-image due to the stubborn body fat surrounding her midsection. As a result, she dreaded having to make in-person appearances and would wear baggy clothes on camera to conceal her belly.  

In her limited free time, she tried everything to lose the excess weight, but nothing worked. She tried dieting, working out with a trainer, taking supplements, fasting, and all manner of hacks and tricks but still the stubborn fat remained.  

She was understandably frustrated by her lack of progress, but ultimately accepted that it wasn’t her fault. After a year of weighing her options, she began researching surgical procedures to remove the fat. When she found Sono Bello, she knew it was the perfect fit. 

“I couldn’t get rid of my trouble areas no matter how hard I worked out or strictly I dieted. I tried diet pills, diet plans, gym trainers, you name it, I tried it. It’s just difficult for me to lose weight. So, Sono Bello was a dream to help me get rid of that extra fat!” 

At the beginning of 2021, she went in for her consultation with our support team, and shortly after she scheduled an appointment to have the fat permanently removed from her belly, hips, and love handles at our Las Vegas location 

It’s now been almost a whole year since Heather’s operation, and she looks and feels 100% better. She lost about 10 pounds of excess fat and has been able to keep it off through the exercise and diet plans that she had in place before the surgery. She says that her goal is to continue her progress and become even slimmer and toned through an active lifestyle and healthy choices. Hers is a true success story, and we couldn’t be happier for her. She says, “I’m a different person! I can finally wear crop tops and form-fitting dresses; things you would never catch me in before. I love my body now!” 

This boost in self-esteem has empowered her to wear clothes that she likes rather than hiding her body underneath baggy t-shirts. She goes to day clubs in bathing suits and goes out in “cute clothes around Vegas.”  

At her job, the surgery has improved her performance and has given her the confidence to shine on camera and at live events. She says, “Sono Bello gave me my confidence back. And being in the public eye as a radio DJ, this is huge because I used to hate doing events because I hated the way I looked in photos and videos.” 

Now, Heather thrives at these events and even enjoys having her picture taken. For anybody considering having liposuction surgery, her advice is “Do it! It might be intimidating at first, but once you do it, you will be so happy. This is life-changing! And life is short, so do this for yourself!” 

If you were inspired by Heather’s story and are interested in beginning a Sono Bello transformation of your own, we encourage you to book a free consultation with our support team at your earliest convenience. Give yourself the gift of health and happiness this new year. It’s your life; live it beautifully.  

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