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Vanesa Finally Decided to Put her Health First

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For her, weight loss was about more than just looking good or feeling confident; it was about living a healthier life. As a woman in her early forties with a history of high blood pressure, Vanesa knew that now was the perfect time to take control of her physical wellbeing.

For years, she tried every conceivable method for losing weight, including stomach surgery. These efforts yielded positive results, but not enough to make her feel fully fit and healthy. Her stubborn fat cells – especially around her abdomen – were getting in the way of her reaching her maximum potential.

Vanesa was aware of liposuction as an option, having already had bariatric surgery. But she wasn’t sold on it until she came across a handful of Sono Bello ads and starting reading reviews that she began to consider liposuction seriously. She saw what so many of our amazing patients have achieved and decided that she wanted to achieve a transformation of her own.

She scheduled two separate liposuction operations during her Sono Bello consultation at our Westchester, New York, location. First, she would have her stomach, back, and waist done. Then, she would have her arms and legs operated on later. Because of her history of high blood pressure, the doctor recommended spacing out her surgeries. Vanesa says that she appreciated our team looking out for her health.

Vanesa is now done with her first surgery and says, “I feel like a new person! It changed my life.” She is down 12 pounds of unwanted fat and now has the confidence to start living her best life. Feeling healthier has encouraged her to start making healthier decisions. It’s a positive feedback loop, and we were happy to kickstart it for her.

The reaction from her family and friends has been, in Vanesa’s own words, “just wooowww.” And her advice for anybody considering getting liposuction surgery is “Do it here!”

If you related to any part of Vanesa’s Sono Bello journey, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. When it comes to your health and happiness, you deserve the best.

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