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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Liposuction

Many people don’t understand that considering lipo is about so much more than fixing the “problem areas” that diet and exercise can’t. Banishing that little pouch that peeks out from under your chin. Or erasing that roll that appears above the strap of your bra, or muffins out over the top of your best fitting jeans.

That’s because they don’t understand that lipo is really about transforming your relationship with yourself. Making your outside match the way you feel inside: refreshed, renewed and full of vitality. With stakes this high, there is just no room for surprises.

That’s why we asked our patients to share some of the things that they were surprised to learn about lipo, as well as a few things from our own experience as America’s largest cosmetic surgery specialist.

You Can Expect Affordability

You’re on this quest because you’re looking to reinvent your life. To reconnect with your best self. And while the value of that is priceless… it doesn’t mean that it should drain your bank account.

Choose a facility that understands patients are real people with real expenses and budgets. One that is very clear in what things cost, and offers a range of payment and credit options to fit almost any budget.

Liposuction Isn’t Cheating

Some of our patients shared with us that when they first considered cosmetic surgery, they were surprised to find that they felt guilty, like getting surgery was somehow “cheating” or “taking the easy way out.” They also shared with us how glad they were that they didn’t let that stop them from taking the steps they needed to look and feel beautiful.

Liposuction is not a weight loss solution but rather a body contouring procedure designed to target specific “problem areas” that do not respond to diet and exercise in certain body types. You work hard. You deserve to look on the outside how you feel on the inside. You’ve earned this new you…and it’s not cheating to get the help you need to achieve that last little bit.

“Art” is as Important as Science

You are a work of art. There is no body like yours, with its unique curves and contours. That’s why aesthetic surgeons refer to the most sophisticated cosmetic surgery as “body sculpting.” It’s because only a doctor that is also an artist can work with your unique assets: the line of your jaw, the curve of your waist, or the swell of your hip in order to bring back what time has softened and blurred.

Make sure that your physician isn’t just a technician or engineer, but someone who understands that your transformation requires someone with a surgeon’s expertise and an artist’s insightful eye.

Why You Want a Partner, Not a Provider

This is about so much more than finding a “surgical procedure provider.” You’re reinventing your life, creating a new you. So, don’t settle for someone who is just a “provider.” Find yourself a partner.

Find someone who is good at talking with you, not at you. Someone who’s patient, and willing to answer all of your questions in a way you understand. Even more importantly, you need someone good at listening. Someone who understands what you’re looking for, and uses that to inform their approach to shaping your new self.


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