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Jerry’s Sono Bello Story

One of the many amazing things about Sono Bello is the variety of people who walk through our doors. We get to meet people with so many different backgrounds and life stories, and help them get started on a healthier lifestyle. Jerry is one of those wonderful people who came into a Sono Bello facility looking for a life change.

Jerry is a family man. In addition to a young daughter and a wife, he had a large extended family that he devotes a lot of time to. His love for his family and his busy work schedule didn’t leave him with much time for the gym.

Work took over, and family. I didn’t have much time to focus on working out, going to the gym. I was self-conscious about it, very self-conscious.

Jerry’s problem areas were his abs and love handles. Like many men, he didn’t feel comfortable with his shirt off. He began to feel very self-conscious, and noticed it was affecting his quality of life.

My life before Sono Bello was rough…. I didn’t like my appearance. I’d go to the beach and I didn’t want to take my shirt off.

Jerry decided he had to do something, both for himself and for his family. He wanted to be confident and a good example for his daughter. He decided to take charge of both his appearance and his health. He came into a Sono Bello facility for an interview, and knew right away that a Sono Bello procedure was the right choice for him. He’s thrilled with his results, and so is his family!

Well the moment my wife saw me word for word she said, “Oh my God,” and she was referring to my abs because I practically had a six pack! My daughter, she’s nine and she always tells Daddy now, “Daddy, you’re so thin. You have no fat.”

Now Jerry doesn’t think twice about taking his shirt off at the beach. He had rediscovered his confidence and feels good about his body again. He makes more time for working out to maintain his trim figure and stay healthy for his family.

Watch the video to see how Sono Bello changed Jerry’s life


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