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Brian Starts His Own Journey

 “I never ever thought I would see myself doing anything like this but as it unfolded and I watched her results, I had to look into doing it myself.” 

We get a lot of referrals from happy patients who encourage their friends and family to visit Sono Bello. Occasionally, we have a new patient come in before their loved one has even gone through with their own procedure! Our featured patient, Brian, did just that.

Brian never considered a liposuction procedure before coming in to Sono Bello to support his wife, Dawn, during her consultation. He worked out all the time, and even ran marathons. In spite of this, he struggled with extra weight around his midsection and didn’t feel comfortable with his shirt off. Even when he was at his skinniest, he wasn’t happy with his abs and felt self-conscious.

When Dawn saw a Sono Bello commercial and scheduled her consultation, Brian was skeptical. He went along for her consultation as a supportive husband, and was blown away by how easy the process was and how welcoming everyone at Sono Bello was. Before Dawn’s consultation was over he had decided to schedule his own!

Now Brian feels confident with or without a shirt on, and couldn’t be happier that he decided to have his own procedure. He tells everyone about how easy the procedure was. He’s thrilled with his own results as well as his wife’s!

“It was just like going in for an appointment, and walking out a new person!”